Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Do you have to be Polish to join the school?

No, that is not a requirement, everyone is welcome!

What is the required uniform for dance classes?

Girls: black leggings, black ballet shoes, dance skirt – black or polish accented preferred (T-shirt and the backpack are provided).

Boys: black pants, black ballet shoes (T-shirt and the backpack are provided).

Where can I buy black ballet shoes and a dance skirt?

You can check at these stores:
– Dance Plus (844 McLeod Avenue)
– Harlequin The Dance Store (375 Hargrave Street)

Do I need to purchase costumes?

We provide all the costumes and accessories for the students.

What do I need to send with my child for dance practice?

Water bottle and a small, easily accessible, healthy snack (examples: crackers, fruit pouch, veggie sticks – Please be advised that the DANCE STUDIO IS NUT FREE).
– Sokoliki classes have water breaks ONLY. Please do not send snacks.

What should I do if my young child is feeling anxious?

For some little ones that are just starting their journey with dancing, a parent presence will sometimes be allowed for the first few classes to help ease this transition. There is a glass door between the studio and the hallway where a parent can watch their child and to comfort them if needed. Please approach your child’s instructor to discuss a plan. In general, there is a three class trial. If you decide that your child is not ready after speaking with your child’s instructor, a full refund will be issued, and hopefully we could welcome you again for the following year.

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