Polish School of Dance “Sokół” Founded in 1972, the Polish School of Dance “Sokół” is currently home to over sixty dancers and hundreds of alumni who have graduated from the school over the past forty-seven years. The Polish School of Dance “Sokół” foremost provides instruction in Polish folk dance from various regions across Poland, while also providing instruction in both classic and contemporary dance styles. Throughout the years, the Polish School of Dance “Sokół” has always taken pride in its leadership and its choreographers, bringing in trained professionals from across the world, including a former dancer of the Polish National Ballet “Ślask”. Today, the Polish School of Dance “Sokół” provides instruction to children ages three through to sixteen and continues to grow successfully each year. Currently led by three talented instructors: Justyna Paprocki, Veronika Wierzbicki and Michelle Mielniczek-Loboz  alongside an enthusiastic Parent Committee, the school is stronger than ever and both its leadership team and dancers excitedly look towards the future eager to see what it holds.



Justyna Paprocki 

Justyna Paprocki began her folk dance education at the Polish School of Dance “Sokół” at the age of five. She has also danced with the Sokół Polish Folk Ensemble, S.P.K. Iskry and with Akademia Białego Orła in Montreal. Justyna became an instructor in 2012. She loves dancing and folklore is her passion. In 2019, Justyna completed her first of four years for the choreographer’s diploma from the Polonijne Studium Choreograficzne in Rzeszów, Poland. Justyna is looking forward to furthering her knowledge and love of folk dance and sharing it with the next generation.

Michelle Mielniczek-Loboz (B.Mus/B.Ed)

Michelle Mielniczek-Loboz (B.Mus/B.Ed) has been Polish dancing for 30 years with most of that time proudly spent at Sokół. In that time, she has danced in the school, the Ensemble (where she met her husband and currently dances), the Sokół Polish Alumni Dancers, and sang for and accompanied the Sokół choir. She was also previously a dance instructor in Sokół’s school for 10 years. After having three children – who are all dancing at Sokół – she has returned to teaching Polish dancing at Sokół in hopes of inspiring her students to embrace Polish culture with passion through music and dance.


Annette Loewen

Maciej Baumgart
Vice President

Zaneta Milan

Monica Czezowski
Event Planning Coordinator

Olivia Stein
Creative Director, Costume Coordinator

Justyna Orlow
Secretary, Costume COordinator